Welcome to my Homelab!

This section is new, so please be patient as I add content (while figuring out how to not give away all my secrets). This may evolve into a blog someday.

I’m currently running VMs and a virtual network on an HP dual-Xeon Proxmox server.

Current Experiment: I’ve been working through the many “Red Team” tools included in Kali Linux. When bad VMs die, they come back as one of my Win10 VMs to be punished.

More projects can be seen below.

HP server in homelab for Greg Rodgers

Microsoft Active Directory

A priority for me in the lab is learning more about Active Directory, kerberos, tickets, and how Microsoft handles AAA.

Windows Telemetry

The amount of telemetry / data reporting built into Windows 11 is concerning. Even a clean install reports your every move to third parties that have paid for the data. I’m learning what I can block via DNS without breaking updates and functionality.

Bug Bounty

I discovered a routing / security issue with my VPN (one of the largest providers in the world) and am currently working with them on a Bug Bounty — my first!

The Bench

Powerful tools such as ChatGPT, in their simplest form, are really just sand (silicon) that we’ve learned to control in magical ways. My roots are in component-level electronics, and any day I get to flash an EPROM or fire up a Raspberry Pi is a good day.


I’ve set up OPNSense (fork of pfSense on FreeBSD) as a UTM solution. I am experimenting with the IDS and DNS sinkhole functions. I plan to set up FreeRADIUS and experiment with EAP-TLS on my Wi-Fi.

Cisco Packet Tracer

To say Cisco’s free Packet Tracer lab software is powerful would be an understatement. Being able to virtualize (and visualize) potential network designs is useful. No more need to buy up old switches and routers that love to suck in electricity and blow out hot air.

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